Coking coal coking 200000 tons / year methanol project started

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"After the completion of 2 00000 tons of methanol project will we are now production of 6 00000 tons of coking project and new 1.3 million tons of cycle of economic integration project of surplus coke oven gas all the digestion and absorption, converted into methanol products." Xinjiang can turn to the general manager of coal coking coal coking.

March 16th, Xinjiang energy of the Thai coal coking 200000 tons / year coke oven gas methanol project participated in the Baicheng County in 2014 to focus on the start of the project launch ceremony, marking the official start of the project construction. By then, the coke oven gas will no longer be in vain emptying or simply as a cheap high temperature industrial furnace fuel, it will become Zhongtai coking development of circular economy, the implementation of cleaner production is an important raw material.

It is understood, the project is in Xinjiang can Zhongtai coking cycle of economic integration project of a key ring and Baicheng County, Xinjiang first using methanol production from coke oven gas coal chemical enterprises, to fill a gap in the local industrial projects, the company extended the industrial chain, to realize the deep processing of coal resources, one of the first experimental field. "After the project is completed, its annual output value reached 4.4 million, after tax profit more than 50 million can not only reduce energy consumption of our enterprise, but also conducive to environmental protection, and is a cleaner production project.

"Zhang Jing, deputy general manager of the company. It is reported that the project relying on abundant coal resources advantage, scale advantage, market advantage and the local investment environment advantages, to develop coal based, with advanced coal chemical industry as the development direction to stronger, doing fine, doing fine "coal - coke -" industrial chain. Through fine desulfurization, transformation, compressed synthetic gas, methanol synthesis and methanol distillation device for producing methanol, minimize the use of resources and maximize the environmental impact, has the characteristics of low investment, high output, energy saving and environmental protection, economic benefit is good. After the completion of the project, the annual consumption of surplus coke oven gas 4.32 billion cubic meters, effective utilization of hydrogen resource 2.5 billion cubic meters, the annual energy equivalent to standard coal 1.58 million tons per year to reduce carbon dioxide emissions reductions 3.95 million tons.

Fundamentally solve the coke oven gas venting caused by environmental pollution, with the direction of the development of domestic industrial structure adjustment, has a good environmental benefit, social benefit and economic benefit.

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