PV installed peak season

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After the introduction of the distributed photovoltaic deal, news once came Energy Bureau may be installed in target by 13GW raised to 15gw, but according to the major intelligence agency investigation, this is unlikely, mainly because in the 13GW installed target based on to improve 2gw of target has little significance, and source board to set the goal has always been the minimum target.

China 2014 first half of PV installed capacity is approximately 3gw, by the end of August only 3.7gw under construction to meet the stated objectives of the 13GW, at least 6Gw need before the end of the installation is complete, according to market research firm IHS article. And according to the understanding of the intelligence agency, 2013 in the fourth quarter of grid connected photovoltaic installed capacity over the previous three quarters of the sum of, in view of this, the fourth quarter of this year 6Gw installed target is not difficult, the annual installed machine 13GW's goal is not the problem.

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