Yulin to produce qualified ammonium sulfate

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According to understand, recently elm can test command news of victory came again, after company focused on environmental projects - public works center thermal power station flue gas desulfurization device for ammonium sulfate treatment system test successful, the output of qualified ammonium sulfate, the product is elm can test the output of the first qualified export products. Thermal power station boiler flue gas desulfurization by ammonia process, set up two sets of desulfurization absorption system, desulfurization efficiency is greater than or equal to 98 percent, sulfur dioxide emission concentration is less than or equal to 100 mg per standard cubic meter, about 5 million tons of sulfur dioxide emissions a year, with an annual output of by-product ammonium sulfate about 10.8 million tons. Ammonia desulfurization unit completed and put into operation, marking the elm can project flue gas emissions in line with countries on emission standard of air pollutants, but also to protect the ecological environment around the enterprise, to achieve environmental benefits, social benefits and economic benefits of three harvests; at the same time it also shows the large state-owned enterprises to comprehensively implement the scientific development concept, the energy-saving emission reduction, to achieve a good social image of circular economy.

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