Punish desulfurization "cheat" enterprises 400000000

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Recently, the Ministry of environmental protection issued a notice on the existence of outstanding problems in 2013 desulfurization facilities of the 19 companies to be punished. The Xinhua news agency said, fined desulfurization price or recovery of sewage charges 19 companies totaling 410000000 yuan.

"Daily economic news" reporter noted that in 19 companies on the list, the five major power groups have subordinate subsidiary on the list, in addition to resources, PetroChina, Shenhua and other subsidiary of the central enterprises are also on the list. According to understand last year in May, Ministry of environmental protection is also on a number of central enterprises to power plant desulfurization data fraud issues had penalties for publicity, but enterprises still repeated penalties for repeat offenders. "The electric enterprises profitability has improved greatly, this case also to desulfurization fraud, inexcusable, I think the penalty.

"Hong Kong rich group black industry analyst Zhang Zhibin said. Feng Yongfeng, founder of the College of natural detailed disclosure of the enterprise according to the three forms of desulfurization and other environmental data fraud. He also stressed that "air pollution data it is difficult to detect in a larger enterprise fraud more easily." 19 companies involved in fraud national Ministry of environmental protection official website announced the punished the list of enterprises, including Shenyang, China Resources Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Huadian Kashi two power generation limited liability company, Yangcheng International Power Generation Co., Ltd., CPI Pingdingshan Yaomeng No.2 Power Generation Co., Ltd., China Resources Power (Ning) Co., Ltd., Datang Duolun, Inner Mongolia coal chemical industry limited liability company, PetroChina Ningxia Petrochemical Company 19, the electric power enterprises is the hardest hit, and another part of the iron and steel non-ferrous metals, chemical enterprises. 19 enterprises or there is not normal operation of the desulfurization device, or abnormal use of automatic monitoring system, monitoring data fraud, sulfur dioxide emissions and other behavior.

Query the "daily economic news" reporter found that the five major power Huaneng, state power, Huadian, Datang, CPI subordinate holding or equity participation companies have on the list. Which in Kashi, Xinjiang Huadian phase II power generation limited liability companies involved in the problem is "the company 1#, unit 2# desulphurization facilities since it was put into operation after often outage, long-term excessive emissions; Yangcheng international power generation limited liability company involved in the problem is" 1#-4# units desulfurization transformation during removal sulfur facilities are not put into operation simultaneously "etc.. Announcement of the Ministry of environmental protection official website said that the existence of problems of enterprises to supervise the handling of the 19 desulphurization facilities, announcement date within 30 working days from the date of preparation to complete flue gas desulfurization facilities rectification plan, before the end of 2014, the completion of the rectification task, overdue unfinished, he shall be given a heavier punishment. On 19 companies where the provincial environmental protection administrative department shall announcement, since the date of 15 working days, according to the approved this announcement to 2013 annual sulfur dioxide emissions, to determine the amount of pollutant discharge fee shall be paid in full the 2013 sulfur dioxide, SO2 emission charge verification has been levied, recovered the difference.

The electric power enterprise desulphurization problem repeated penalties for repeat offenders is the power industry problem of repeated penalties for repeat offenders. Last year in May, the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the 2012 annual national investigation of major pollutants punishment, for the 15 enterprises desulphurization facilities in normal operation, monitoring data fraud behavior to supervise the handling. Then there are a number of power companies on the list, the Huadian Group under the 3 subsidiaries on the list. And in the previous, industry is also relatively tolerant of sound that electric power enterprises in the desulfurization removal of nitrate on the implementation of ineffective or with units of the preliminary investment, difficult to cover the cost of subsidies, and had power financial enterprises limited. However, at present, these have been difficult to implement an excuse for ineffective.

Zhang Zhibin told the "daily economic news" reporter, due to the significant decline in the price of coal, electric power enterprises profit has appeared greatly improved, and the country has in view of the special subsidies desulfurization electricity, roughly 0.015 yuan / kWh. "Then it would be justified in the weak implementation of the desulfurization problem, this time is indeed the penalty." According to Xinhua News Agency reported earlier this year, coal prices lower dominated by thermal power in the power generation group turning big profits, amounted to 740.34_yi billion yuan 2013, five power generation groups a total profit of a new highs in recent years. The largest Huaneng Group 2013 profits 208.44_yi billion yuan, Guodian 157.94_yi billion yuan in the Huadian Group 151.74_yi billion yuan in the, the CLP Group 111.56_yi billion yuan in the Datang Group 110.66_yi billion yuan.

Zhang Zhibin explanation says, ineffective implementation on the one hand is the profit driven behavior under strict surveillance; another central enterprises that exist within the technocrats issue, "at present desulfurization technology has been very mature, new equipment can not only improve standards in environmental protection and in the economy is considerable, but within the enterprise exist some reluctant to change equipment and technical aspects of the person in charge. Enterprises have three kinds of fraud means for the monitoring of gas emissions is almost the most difficult, which also led to the enterprise in the gas emissions data fraud more easily." Natural University Founder Feng Yongfeng told reporters that the current gas is similar to sulfur dioxide and other environmental data fraud is very serious. Memory industry in three means of false, true emissions data fraud, excessive emissions data fraud and online monitoring data fraud, the third enterprises involved in change the instrument base of fraud and other means. For this punishment, Feng Yongfeng believes that online monitoring data real-time public and public supervision is an effective way to promote the improvement of the enterprise.

Beijing public and Environmental Research Center Director Ma Jun also stressed the importance of enterprise environmental monitoring data information disclosure. He believes that companies do not change the penalty is not changed, the law enforcement is lax, the company has a low cost of illegal. "Enterprises are not a fair competition environment, who will exceed the law who is more expensive, so companies in the interests of the natural will do so." "Just after payment is 410000000 yuan, recovery of sewage charges, this is what companies should pay. In accordance with the existing environmental regulations, these companies can only be fined 50000 yuan, and 50000 yuan for any of these 19 homes have no warning role.

"Said Ma Jun, the new environmental law on January 1 next year began to implement, the daily penalty is a strong measures, in addition to a" falsification of data need to be investigated for legal responsibility, that is the responsible person to be detained, the related enterprises are also involved in the third party personnel, even as the government staff, "the will is a deterrent, but the key depends on whether these laws can be implemented." Ministry of environmental protection to increase penalties recently, Ministry of environmental protection, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information department, eight ministries in Beijing held a joint television and telephone conference, deployed in 2014, the national remediation illegal polluters to protect people health and environmental protection special action. Environmental protection special action of the inter ministerial joint conference convened, Minister of environmental protection Zhou Shengxian said at the meeting, in 2013, a total of 183 million people out of law enforcement officers (Times), investigate and deal with environmental violations of the law 6499 pieces, Listing Supervision 1523. Among them, the environmental protection departments at all levels throughout the year to the public security organs to the case of environmental crimes 706, the number of transfers over the past 10 years combined.

Zhou Shengxian, from five aspects of last year's environmental protection special action are summarized, including thorough investigation of the use of seepage wells, pits, cracks and caves wastewater discharge groundwater pollution violations, to carry out a special inspection of atmospheric pollution prevention and control, the rectification pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises, the heavily related genera emissions enterprises to carry out "look back", to strengthen environmental regulation measures such as. In the introduction of the strengthening of environmental regulatory measures, Zhou Shengxian stressed that environmental protection departments at all levels

2013 is to the public security organs transfer of suspected cases of environmental crime 706, transferred amount exceeds the sum of the past 10 years; the public security organs of the admissibility of 637, to the pollution of the environment crime judgment, 109, arrest criminals 186 people.

Zhou Shengxian said that the in-depth development of the special supervision and law enforcement activities, to change the quality of the environment has played a positive role. Monitoring results show that in 2013 the ten major river basin countries in the control section, the proportion of the class water quality and poor quality of water section of the proportion of the proportion of the same period were increased by 1.2 percentage points and down 2.7 percentage points. Zhou Shengxian said that in 2014 the relevant work of environmental protection special action, to focus on 3 aspects of the work. Namely: full implementation of the "ten atmosphere", continue to carry out a special inspection of atmospheric pollution prevention and control; earnestly carry out involving heavy metals and pharmaceutical manufacturing industries "look back", deepen the focus basin and heavy pollution industry water pollution rectification; to urge the rectification law enforcement inspection found that the environmental problems, corrective measures to protect the floor.

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