Forecast and Analysis on the development of coal chemical industry in China

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According to industry data show that China's coal industry 2006-2012 years to complete the investment of 2.3 yuan or so, a large number of coal production capacity. In 2012, industry, new capacity more than 350 million tons, 2013 will be in the construction of production capacity of concentrated release period, plus a portion of "not approved before construction", "batch Bian Bian Jianxin,", "batch Xiaojian big", "super capacity production of coal mine, coal mine actual production capacity will be is far greater than the. With the energy saving and environmental protection pressure and industry transformation and upgrading requirements and other factors, the current state of the traditional coal chemical industry has a certain limit. Traditional coal chemical industry is not in line with the requirements of the future development of the coal industry, many coal enterprises will be the focus of development to the direction of coal oil, coal and natural gas, coal to olefins and other close, development of new coal chemical industry has become focus on the future development of the coal industry in our country.

Development and Reform Commission announced the deep processing of coal demonstration project planning "and the deep processing of coal industry development policy", injected a shot in the arm to the development of coal chemical industry in China. Forward view, the five year period, China's economic structure will continue to continue the trend of heavy industry development, the national economy's demand for energy consumption will remain stable growth. Is expected to coal based energy consumption pattern is difficult to change in the short term, coal consumption will be basic and the growth of the national economy to maintain a simultaneous growth.

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