2014 emission reduction verification

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June 16, the Ministry of Environmental Protection informed the year 2014 provinces, autonomous region, municipality directly under the central government and eight central enterprises total amount of major pollutants emission reduction verification and the year of the "Twelfth Five" total amount of major pollutants emission reduction target letters of responsibility "to implement inspection. Hebei Qinhuangdao, Yingkou, Liaoning, Hunan Zhangjiajie, Binzhou City, Shandong, and the two companies are regional limited batch, 25 enterprises is to supervise the handling.

This reporter has learned that, in the notification of five enterprises in Xinjiang was ranked in the list, including Xinjiang Huatai heavy chemical industry Co., Ltd. and Zhongtai chemical energy Fukang Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Shenhuo Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Yihua Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., corps, division of the six coal and electricity Co., Ltd., corps days rich power Co., Ltd.. The ministry ordered the enterprise within 30 working days of preparation, the flue gas desulfurization denitration facilities rectification plan and report is completed, in 2015 before the end of the completion of the rectification task, the completion of overdue shall be punished severely according to law. At the same time, recovery of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides sewage charges, which enjoy green electricity subsidies, by the local price departments shall be administrative penalties.

For the same treatment as well as on the desulfurization removal denitrification facilities according to the requirements of construction and operation, excessive discharge of pollutants of Guodian Tohoku Electric Power Co., Ltd., Datong Coal Mine Group Datang Thermal Power Co., Ltd. and Tongda Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Dalian Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd., Guangdong Electric Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu huaerrun Group Co., Ltd., Jilin Electric Power Co., Ltd., Xuanhua Iron and steel company, Jilin Oilfield thermal power plant, Zhengzhou Xinli Power Co., Ltd., Wuhan ethylene company, Shaanxi Hancheng second power limited liability company 11 companies.

In addition, the Ministry of environmental protection decided on urban sewage treatment facilities construction projects not according to target letters of responsibility for implementation, construction of sewage treatment facilities is seriously lagging behind, charging the implementation of the policy is not in place, or fails to complete the supervise the handling of the rectification task of Qinhuangdao, Hebei, Liaoning Yingkou, Zhangjiajie, Hunan and other three cities, to suspend the new COD and ammonia emissions from the construction project EIA approval; for failure to complete the annual emission reduction targets, the urban sewage treatment facilities and coal-fired units removal denitrification facilities is seriously lagging behind, excessive emissions problems of Binzhou City, Shandong, to suspend approval in addition to energy saving emission reduction and livelihood projects outside the EIA of construction project. At the same time, the environmental protection department of the sewage treatment facilities according to the requirements of the construction and operation of Beijing Tongzhou District drainage sewage treatment plant 9 enterprises supervise the handling, within 6 months shall be ordered to complete the rectification task.

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